While many are keen to return to their classrooms, schools and districts are facing challenges in order to guarantee a safe learning environment, such as having space limitations while trying to maintain social distancing measures. That’s where hybrid classrooms come in, these classrooms are designed to attempt to bridge the gap between online and traditional classrooms through making certain changes in their audiovisual equipment set-up.

Normally when a teacher is giving online lessons, they’re limited to the tools a computer offers: a low-quality webcam and microphone, making it very difficult to replace the trusty whiteboard.

Recommendations for designing a hybrid classroom include getting a PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) camera and a Bluetooth headset, that allows the teacher to move freely around the classroom thanks to these camera’s auto-tracking/zoom feature, and the audio clarity the Bluetooth headset provides.

Staying under budget is a very important thing for all schools, especially right now, that’s why this option might not be the best for all schools, but don’t worry; schools are using what they already have to handle this situation. They are using document cameras and connecting them to their computers in order to improve video quality when filming the whiteboard. In both cases, a Bluetooth headset is a must.

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