Optimizing K-12 Bookkeeping

Student Fee Management

Fee collecting is a challenging process for schools/districts. Our solution automates that process via our mobile friendly web-based solution. Through our system, you can track things like class fees, financial obligations, and other types of non-standard fees. Our online payment system and manual payment recording capabilities separate us from the competition.

Inventory Management

General inventory management is required if you are going to perform asset tracking. As you receive resources from your purchasing, you can quickly inventory them to allow for instant reporting and resource allocation.

Asset Tracking

Whether checking out equipment, uniforms, digital equipment, books, and other items, our web-based solution will allow you to centralize tracking of your assets. Manage uniform, equipment, iPad, laptop, and book check-in and check-out. Allow SchoolBanks to ease the pains of textbook and digital device check-in and check-out. Our system will hold a check-out and allow them to quickly be turned into obligations during the check-in process.

Petty Cash Management

Secure Cash and Track Obligations. Remove the possibility for money to go missing. Club sponsors are now able to enter dues in SchoolBanks for each student and allow the student to pay in the bookkeeper or treasurer’s office. Coaches and club sponsors can assign fees, manage their inventory and track cash payments for students, centralizing your processes.

Online Payment Processing

Secure, Instant Payments. Accepting online payments is the best way to ensure students can stay on top of their financial obligations. We make that easy for you by partnering with one of the largest payment processors (Stripe). In just a few easy steps, you can begin processing online payments today!

Parent/Student Portal

We provide a simple, easy to use parent/student portal that allows instant access to view fees, assigned assets, and quickly make online payments.

CIO Friendly Functionality

Keep intruders out.
Block all unauthorized access with our Cloudflare integration

​Single/Same sign-on.
Enable SSO with your current solution (Active Directory, Azure AD, Google Workplace, and more)

SIS Integration.
Sync data from your existing student and staff information

Pandemic Help!
Optionally include help desk support for students’ laptops and tablets. Extend your IT help desk.

SIS Integration

Our solution uses the OneRoster specification for CSV tables and Rest API so that you can quickly and easily synchronize your school’s data with SchoolBanks.

API Friendly

We understand that you will have a need to run multiple systems, so we want to make it easy for you. With our new API integration, you can connect SchoolBanks to your existing systems. Our API allows you to get the most of our SchoolBanks as well as your legacy systems.

High Availability

In lieu of disaster recovery, our solution is architectured in a high availability design.