Simple Fee and Asset Management

At SchoolBanks, we offer a platform tailored for K-12 schools’ financial impacting tasks. Our solution simplifies fee management, asset management, petty cash tracking, and online payment processing, enhancing efficiency and transparency.

  • Effortless Fee Management
  • Seamless Asset Management 
  • Precise Petty Cash Tracking
  • Hassle-Free Online Payment Processing

With SchoolBanks,
                   Fees are EASY.
                                      Assets are BREAZY

With SchoolBanks,
Fees are EASY.
Assets are BREAZY

Why Does SchoolBanks Get the Job Done?

Easy to Start

Get started in as little as 30 minutes, with larger districts up and running in under a week.

Easy to Use

Our user-friendly interface. Most tasks can be completed in just a few steps, making it accessible for all users.

Easy to Train

Minimal training is needed to fully benefit from our platform, ensuring a smooth transition and rapid adoption.

Easy on Budget

Our pricing prioritizes value and affordability for schools and districts of all sizes.

Proven Results!

Increase Fee Collection

Experience a 29% or more increase in outstanding fees collected.

Reduce Asset Loss

Decrease asset and inventory loss by over 39%.

Minimize Petty Cash Discrepancies

Reduce petty cash discrepancies by 50%.

Virtual Tour

Discover how SchoolBanks can transform your school’s financial operations. Our virtual tour showcases our platform’s streamlined processes and user-friendly interface, highlighting the benefits for K-12 staff members.

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