K-12 Financial Student Information System (SIS)

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K-12 Financial SIS with petty cash management, financial obligation tracking and online payments.

SchoolBanks.Com was designed with the daily tasks of K-12 bookkeepers, treasurers, administrators and teachers in mind. With the web-based platform you can…


  • Manage uniform, equipment, iPad, laptop, and book check-in and check-out

    • Allow SchoolBanks to ease the pains of textbook and digital device check-in and check-out. Our system will hold a check-out and allow them to quickly be turned into obligations during the check-in process.


  • Track student fees and other obligations

    • With the SchoolBanks general fee option, a teacher can quickly assign class fees to their students in a matter of seconds. Coaches can assign sports fees to their teams and check-out equipment within minutes and quickly track the items during the course of the student's career.


  • Secure petty cash transactions / Track petty cash for clubs and organizations

    • Remove the possibility for money to go missing. Club sponsors are now able to enter dues in SchoolBanks for each student and allow the student to pay in the bookkeeper or treasurer's office.


  • Run real-time reports

    • SchoolBanks transactions are readily available for viewing in a range of custom reports.

  • Keep track of other supply items that are checked out to students

    • With the new version of SchoolBanks, you are not limited to only checking out books. You can use it to check out equipment, uniforms, digital equipment and other items.


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