Revolutionizing school system technology for the modern era.

Empowering the digital evolution

Our mission is to lead the digital evolution of fee and asset management for K-12 schools and districts. We strive to enhance your existing IT investments or replace outdated paper-based processes. Our partnership with you guarantees to meet and exceed your expectations. If you need a service that is not yet available, our Solution Experts are ready to create custom features and functionality tailored to your specific requirements. By investing in SchoolBanks, you are investing in a mutually beneficial partnership.

Tailoring solutions to fit your requirements.

At SchoolBanks, we are dedicated to providing innovative technology solutions that make a positive impact on K-12 schools and districts’ bottom line. Our focus is on meeting and exceeding your needs while keeping costs low compared to our competitors. Our solutions are designed to be easily adaptable, with minimal start-up training required for users to experience their full benefits. We offer training and knowledge articles to help you along the way, and we are confident that you will find SchoolBanks the “Easy Button” for Fee and Asset Management for Schools.

Student Fee Management:

Our Student Fee Management solution allows you to easily manage all types of student fees, including class fees, extracurricular activity fees, and other types of non-standard fees. With our solution, you can easily track outstanding fees and obligations, generate reports, and send reminders to parents and students.

Asset Tracking:

With our Asset Tracking solution, you can track all of your school’s assets, including laptops, tablets, projectors, and other equipment. Our web-based solution allows you to quickly inventory assets as you receive them, track check-in and check-out, and generate reports to help you manage your inventory.

Inventory Control:

Our Inventory Control solution allows you to manage all of your school’s inventory, including textbooks, school supplies, and other materials. With our solution, you can track inventory levels, set re-order points, and generate reports to help you manage your inventory more efficiently.

Petty Cash Tracking:

Our Petty Cash Tracking solution allows you to easily track all of your school’s petty cash transactions. With our web-based solution, you can easily record petty cash transactions, track cash balances, and generate reports to help you manage your school’s finances more efficiently.

Online Payments:

Our Online Payments solution allows parents and students to make payments for fees,  and other school-related expenses online. With our partnership with Stripe, a leading payment processor, you can be confident that all payments are secure and processed efficiently. Our web-based portal allows parents and students to view fees, assigned assets, and make payments quickly and easily.

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