Transforming School Tech for the Digital Age

Empowering the digital evolution

Our mission is to spearhead the digital transformation of fee and asset management in K-12 schools and districts. We aim to augment your existing IT investments and replace obsolete business processes. Our commitment to you is to exceed your expectations. If a feature you require is not currently available, our team of Solution Experts stands ready to develop custom features tailored to your unique needs. By choosing SchoolBanks, you are investing in a partnership that promises mutual benefits.

Customizing Solutions to Meet Your Needs

SchoolBanks is committed to delivering innovative technology solutions that positively impact the bottom line of K-12 schools and districts. Our focus is on surpassing your needs while maintaining competitive pricing. Our solutions are designed for easy adaptability, requiring minimal start-up training for users to reap their full benefits. We provide training and informative articles to assist you, and we are confident that SchoolBanks will become your go-to solution for Fee and Asset Management in Schools.

Student Fee Management:

Our Student Fee Management solution simplifies the management of all student fees, including class fees, extracurricular activity fees, and other non-standard fees. This solution enables you to track outstanding fees and obligations, generate reports, and send reminders to parents and students with ease.

Asset Tracking:

Our Asset Tracking solution allows you to monitor all your school’s assets, including laptops, tablets, projectors, and other equipment. This web-based solution enables quick inventory of assets upon receipt, tracks check-in and check-out, and generates reports to aid in inventory management.

Inventory Control:

Our Inventory Control solution helps manage all your school’s inventory, including textbooks, school supplies, and other materials. This solution allows you to monitor inventory levels, set re-order points, and generate reports for efficient inventory management.

Petty Cash Tracking:

Our Petty Cash Tracking solution simplifies the tracking of all your school’s petty cash transactions. This web-based solution allows for easy recording of petty cash transactions, tracking of cash balances, and generation of reports for efficient financial management.

Online Payments:

Our Online Payments solution enables parents and students to make payments for fees and other school-related expenses online. In partnership with Stripe, a leading payment processor, we ensure all payments are secure and processed efficiently. Our web-based portal allows parents and students to view fees, assigned assets, and make payments quickly and easily.