Every now and then, a new idea comes around that shifts an entire market. Things that we thought would never change start changing and creating a new normal.

Without further ado, let me introduce you to the Hello Donor Changemaker initiative… Nice to meet you!

What is a Changemaker?

A changemaker is someone that promotes giving, and that is committed to helping ‘making change’ in our school or community.

How does it work?

In its simplest form, you ask people to donate their change to your school. When someone uses their credit/debit card at the store, Hello Donor will automatically round their purchase up to the nearest dollar amount, and donate that amount to your school.

Hello Donor gives schools a contactless, convenient way to fundraise that almost everyone can participate in.


Partnering with SchoolBanks

At our core, SchoolBanks delivers service. While we’d love for that service to be our flagship solution, we know that right now schools and communities need all the help they can get putting funding back in our education system. That’s why SchoolBanks has decided to partner with Hello Donor.

Through this partnership, we are able to focus on our core values:

  • Partner with our customer base to provide the solutions that make you efficient

  • Create standardized and refreshed approaches…

  • Be a valued partner in the lives of school systems…

Start your change making contactless fundraising today by visiting our partnership page now!

Let’s help schools Together