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Schools are being targeted by cyberattacks, they respond back by strengthening their defenses

Most schools have had to change their operating procedure, Teachers now are working from home and students are online learning. The combination of the massive quantity of devices that are operating outside of the school network and the fact that some districts are relying on technology more than they are used to makes schools very easy targets for ransomware infections, DDoS attacks, and phishing scams over email.

The Eastern Cavern County School District have been especially affected by these threats but they have implemented certain measures like installing management software on each laptop to support remote update with the latest security patches, they also replaced the antivirus software on every computer with more complex security software which uses behavioral analytics to detect suspicious activity. In fact, Eastern Carver County Schools' email filter rejects up to 10,000 emails per day because of security concerns.

Other important implementations schools can make are adding VPNs (Virtual Private Networks), which allows employees and students to connect to the school network through a secure and encrypted connection. Multifactor authentication tools are also very important to prevent identity theft, as it forces employees to verify their identity a second time by texting or generating a single-use code.

Schools before never anticipated that every staff member would need work from home, so they're trying their best to tighten their security to beat this worrying problem.


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