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SchoolBanks was designed with the workflow of schools and finances. The workday of students, educators, and staff is improved by the simplification of SchoolBanks.
Secure Petty Cash and…
  • Remove the possibility for money to go missing
  • Clubs can enter dues and student can pay the or treasurer’s office
  • Teachers can quickly assign class fees to students
  • Coaches can assign sports fees, check-out equipment, and track items
    Quick and easy asset management to…
    • Ease the pains of textbooks and digital device check-in and check-out
    • Allow items to quickly be turned into obligations during if missing
    • Check out equipment, uniforms, digital equipment, and other items
    • Manage uniform, equipment, iPad, laptop, and book check-in and check-out
    Enable Online Payments and…
    • Begin or improve your online payment processing
    • Allow parents to pay for quickly view and pay student fees.
    • Turn fees into payments processed.

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