Grant Details and Qualifications

  Economically Challenged Schools/Districts Grant 

SchoolBanks, Inc. would like to  announce our grant in support of schools and districts located in economically challenged zip codes in the United States. Covid-19 has brought unique challenges to everyone, especially the educational system. You (our educators) have gone above and beyond to meet the needs of not only your students, but of entire communities. It is only fair, that companies that traditional earn revenue from the school system to do our part. In doing our part, SchoolBanks, Inc. has created the Economically Challenged School/Districts Grant. This grant allows us to provide our solution to qualifying schools/districts at zero cost , including licensing, maintenance and support.


SchoolBanks, Inc. is an Atlanta based company that provides a web-based solution to schools and districts. (our solution) is used to manage student fees, manage inventory, track assets, track petty cash, and enable online payments.


The funding to date allows us to grant our solution to 174 schools or 54 districts located in economically challenged zip code at no charge to the schools/districts for a period of up to 3 years.

Qualifications​ (any of the following)

  • School District  (or member schools) or School must operate in a zip code that is considered economically  challenged.
  • Districts must have 2 or more schools and at least 50 students

  • Schools must have a least 50 students

  • 25% or more families with income below the poverty level

  • 30% or more families with Food Stamp/SNAP benefits

If your school/district qualifies, please complete the form below so that one of our Account Managers can contact you.


Economically Challenged Schools/Districts Grant Form 

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Attention School Districts

We have a special pricing program for school districts looking to roll SchoolBanks out to all member schools.

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